Erin's New England Cockapoos
Breeding exceptional companion Cockapoo Puppies in Massachusetts since 1993


Puppy Breeding Philosophy

As a small breeder, this is much more my passion than my paycheck. Erin’s New England Cockapoos, therefore, is not a kennel; my dogs and pups are raised in – and live in - my home. I breed very exceptional pups. I have anywhere from one to four litters per year, though I have not necessarily had litters every year. I breed my girls only when my life allows.

When I have a litter of pups, everything in my life is focused on the dogs and the pups and their health and happiness; when I have a litter of pups I am entirely devoted to their upbringing: simply put, it is all I do. For the first four weeks of their life the pups (and their mother) sleep in my room with me every night. During the day they are moved to my great room, where I spend 90% of my waking hours with them until they are ready to go to their approved homes, between seven and eight weeks. 

I practice The Monks of New Skete technique of socialization, though I have modified it to my home environment over the years; and I practice Dr Carmen Battaglia's method of Early Neurological Stimulation. The pups are weighed and gently handled daily, surrounded by soft light for their developing eyes, classical music for their developing ears, their extended dog and human family, age-appropriate toys, vocabulary, exposures….generally speaking, they are raised in the best possible environment. They are thoroughly socialized, cuddly, confident, smart, and playful by the time they are ready for their new homes.

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