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Breeding Exceptional Companion Cockapoo Puppies in Massachusetts Since 1993

Erin's New England Cockapoos
Erin's New England Cockapoos

Home-raised, healthy and sweet-tempered Cockapoos

Erin's New England Cockapoos is located in Massachusetts, approximately 50 minutes north of Boston on lovely, coastal Cape Ann. It is a private home—not a kennel—where the dogs are, first and foremost, pampered and adored house pets. As a small breeder, this is much more my passion than my paycheck. Therefore, Erin's New England Cockapoos is not a kennel; my dogs and pups are raised in—and live in—my home. I breed exceptional pups. I have anywhere from two to six litters annually, though I have not necessarily had litters every year. I breed my girls only when my life allows.


June 2024 Updates

We have begun our Wait List for the litter we are planning for the fall. It will be the final litter offering of 2024, so if you would like to be considered for a pup, best to reach out now.

How I Raise the Litter

When I have a litter of pups, everything in my life is focused on the dogs and the pups and their health and happiness. When I have a litter of pups, I am entirely devoted to their upbringing: simply put, it is all I do. For the first four weeks of their life, the pups, their mother and I all sleep together in the Puppy Room. At week five I move back into my room, and the mother dog sleeps in the kitchen while the weaning process is underway. I spend 90% of my waking hours with the babies until they are ready to go to their approved homes at eight weeks of age.

I practice The Monks of New Skete Socialization technique. However, I have modified it to my home environment over the years, and I practice Dr. Carmen Battaglia's Early Neurological Stimulation method. The pups are weighed and gently handled daily, surrounded by soft light for their developing eyes, classical music for their developing ears, extended dog and human family, age-appropriate toys, vocabulary, exposures….generally speaking, they are raised in the best possible environment. They are thoroughly socialized, cuddly, confident, smart, and playful by the time they are ready for their new homes.

All of my Cockapoos are genetically tested/cleared before they are ever bred. Pups are available on a limited basis as companion pets only; approved families are expected to spay or neuter the pup at the appropriate age.

Erin's New England Cockapoos

Important Notes

There are many people out there who would have you believe they are breeders when in fact they are actually puppy brokers. Puppy brokers purchase entire litters from puppy mills and puppy farms, then re-sell those pups to an unsuspecting public. When you are looking for a Cockapoo puppy in Massachusetts (or any state, for that matter), make sure to do your research! Please educate yourself and purchase your pup responsibly to prevent your dollars from fueling the continuation of these horrid puppy mills and puppy farms, where mother dogs are forced to live in filthy conditions and reproduce every six months until they are eventually euthanized

ALSO, please be aware: Cockapoos are not hypoallergenic and they are not non-shedding.

There is no such thing as a non-shedding dog (unless it's hairless), and the Cockapoo has Cocker Spaniel in it, so it is impossible for them to be hypoallergenic.

They are a low-shedding breed, and for some people some Cockapoos are allergy-friendly, depending on the type of allergy and the severity of allergy the person may have.

There are a lot of breeder sites that claim the Cockapoo is hypoallergenic and non-shedding; now you know better!

Erin's New England Cockapoos


Erin – Happy to report that Milo is a thriving one-year-old and he is the most wonderful addition to our family life. I really can't imagine that we ever lived without him. He's a super-friendly dog, as everyone who meets him will tell you, and he's currently asleep a few feet away from me. He's also about as cute as a dog can be and has the most beautiful markings. He was housebroken almost instantly – I don't think he's had a half-dozen accidents since we've had him – and he did great in his "puppy kindergarten" class in the spring. He's just the best, and he gets about as much love as any dog could imagine.

Thank you for bringing him into our lives, Erin. We feel like we hit the puppy jackpot.

- Jarrett


When we picked up George two weeks ago, what I attempted to say, but couldn't get out of my mouth without tears, was thank you for what you do for people by raising these pups. Our life has changed in such a wonderful way as we learn more about this dog.

I hope your Mother's Day was great, because you are, after all, the original Mama to all of our dogs.

- Trudy


Clancie has had such a great impact on our lives we can not imagine life without her. You did a great job with her, and now we have the most wonderful and loving little puppy we could have dreamed of. Clancie is happy, fun, very silly and most of all a huge part of our family.Thank you and we hope your holidays were great,

- Jim


Findlay is THE most adorable, sweet young thing we've had the pleasure to know. He's had maybe two accidents in the house, and is even going to the door already if he happens to need to go between the scheduled trips, and truly loves people; he's slept through the night for two of the three nights which we not only think is amazing, but greatly appreciated! He had his first Vet visit today, and she too is in love! He's been a source for great joy and laughter for our family. Thank you so much for your help over these last four weeks. We are thrilled!

- Vicky

Hi Erin,

Otis is doing great! He is going to the door when he needs to go to the bathroom. He loves his crate - he has his snuggle puppy in there and he bites his ears and tail and then falls asleep on top of him. He also loves the yellow blanket you sent home and the pink heart. He slept through the night last night and got up at 4:45 this morning ready to play. I took him outside and he bounced and pranced around the yard.
He is very loved!

- Jen

Hi Erin,

Cody is doing great! We had a little birthday party yesterday for him and a few of his doggy friends. The party was a lot of fun, we had doggy cake and games, including an agility course. He is a very strong and fast pup!

I took him to the vet last week because he is on the borderline of needing the next Frontline dosage. He weighed in at 22.5 lbs and the vet says he looks PERFECT: fit, musclar, healthy and that his coat is BEAUTIFUL. Of course we love him to pieces…….


- Suzanne, Noah, Adrienne, Julia, and Danielle

Hi Erin,

Elsie did very well on the hour ride home whimpering just a couple of times briefly. So far today she has been the ideal puppy- 2 successful and on cue peepees out back, a good lunch, lots of cuddling and playing and plenty of nap time (like right now). She seems to be very comfortable going into her new little crate finding a safe and cozy place when she is tired of playing. And did we mention how adorable she is...but you know that better than anyone.

Thank you so much for your wonderful care and nurturing thus far. We will do our very best to follow wisely in your footsteps.

- The Pupos

Hi Erin,

Happy Holidays! I hope you are doing well. We are doing great and as always, loving having Bentley in our life! He is so much fun and such a good dog. We go to a daily doggy group in Salem, where all sorts of dogs come together to play (very casual) and Bentley does so well!! He has the confidence to play with big dogs and the gentleness of playing with little puppies. We are very lucky to have him, thanks again!

- Susan & Andrew

Hi Erin.

We just love Gus sooooo much.

He is developing very robustly! His personality is gregarious and confident, and he is a quick learner.

Dr. Story thinks he is the coolest pint-sized cockapoo that he has seen in a long time.

He appreciates Gus’s outgoing “big dog” approach to life. Maybe Gus thinks he is a big boy like Gavin?

Gavin now allows Gus to cuddle up with him!

Gus is smothered in love (Don’t worry, though: I am the disciplinarian in the house so he’s not a brat at all.)

We start official puppy school this Sunday with Linda LeRoy. There are 3 other puppies in the class.

Thank you for selling Gus to us. We love him to pieces!

Take care,

- Lucie

Hi Erin,

Thought you’d be proud to know the trainer at puppy class keeps telling us Lulu has the “best disposition” and is a “perfect puppy” (even when she’s a bit tired and doesn’t do everything as well as she does at home!)  She is smart and responsive and fun-loving and seems to us to be a good mix of assertive without being aggressive, so we’re really pleased with how she’s doing meeting the other dogs.  She has a 1 year old cockapoo friend across the street that she’s been having playdates with, and they really have a good time.  Anyway, I knew you’d like to be a fly on the wall today when she was being praised so much!

Take care,

- Joce

Dear Erin,

We feel very very fortunate to have found you.  What you do with your pups is nothing short of miraculous.

Desi is the sweetest, social, playful yet mellow, and most loving pup.  He has adapted to his new environment seamlessly.  He loves his crate and slept through the night!  The very first night.  In fact WE woke HIM up at 5 to go out.  We haven't even had any accidents yet.

Everything you have done has really paid off.  Yes, I'm a Believer.  Our neighbors came to visit him today and they were so impressed with him.  He is incredible.  Thank you thank you thank you!

- Terry, Peter, Anika, Ava & Desi (and Bilbo and Bearpuss)

Hi Erin,

Awa is amazing.  She slept through the night last night and has had 2 huge sleeps today now that the house has quietened down.  She already sits to the command and saw the vet today. She loves exploring our big yard on the leash, and she has discovered  digging!  We have a lot of chipmunks and squirrels so she can smell them.  The snow was not so much fun and she did surprising well with the house training under the cold conditions.


- Lynette

Hi Erin,

This is our first Christmas together, Fiona and I, and we couldn't be happier!  Thought I'd send you some pictures as a little present.  This little dog is my constant buddy, my "bankie" (she sleeps on the pillow next to mine, or snuggled up against me) and my bright shining star on the darkest of days.

She is a perfect match for me and we are both incredibly grateful to you.  Thank you so much!!!!

- Pam and Fiona K.

Dear Erin-

I'm sure this day holds very special memories for you.  I woke up this morning and thought how much our lives have changed in the last year- the best change, of course, being the addition of Midas to our lives!  Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him - I can't even begin to describe what he means to us or how much joy he has brought to our family!  He has brought out a side to each of us that I never knew was there!  He is the "little brother" that the girl's never had and my 4th child!!   It is truly inconceivable to imagine life without him!
Thank you again!

- Annette


Had a great night!  Rocky awakened twice and each time was taken outside to do his business, and he did!  Both #1 & #2. Yay!  Took a little time to get him back to sleep after each (15 mins?), a little whining, but not bad at all.  He got the idea very quickly that he wasn't coming out of the crate. Up at 7:00AM

He is so good natured today, playful and sweet.   So, a little sleep deprived but otherwise okay.
Thanks so much for all your good care.

- Rhonda, John, Tiger & Rocky

Franny is doing absolutely wonderfully!  She's finished teething and went through the spaying process just fine.  She's become everyone's favorite dog on our block, with her sweet disposition and her tendency to wiggle her butt whenever anyone approaches.  We just returned from a two-week trip through California with Franny, where she was able to frolic on the beach (absolutely adorable, even if we did have to live with her turning the backseat of our rental car into a sandy beach), swim in rivers, and play with a chihuahua named Jorge.  I'll be sending around pictures soon.  As always, we're so grateful to have Franny in our lives, and we won't ever be able to thank you enough for giving us such a sweet, well-mannered, loving pet. Thanks!

- Peyton

Hello Erin;

I am Dick and Doris’s daughter-in-law.  We went to meet our new family member today!  We are all completely and totally in love with Rosie.  She is so sweet and seems to have the perfect personality.....confident, curious, cuddly.  oh my!  She has settled in really well by my observation. She loved the grandchildren today....ages 2, 5 and 7. 

Thanks for raising such a great puppy.

- Dick and Doris

Toby is the perfect puppy.  He is adjusting very well. He‘s very happy in the puppy play yard during the day and at night, he’s sleeping in his crate in our room. He seems comfortable in the crate (has had no accidents in it) and usually only wakes up twice for about 15 minutes each time, does his business, enjoys a little quiet attention and then goes right back to sleep. The girls seemed to have really listened to your guidance and are very good with him. The only transition that we will be working on with him is to help him learn to be alone for short periods of time in the play yard. He really wants someone with him in the puppy play yard at all times (unless he’s sleeping). It will be another adjustment when the girls start back to school on Wednesday.  He’s eating well, has had very few accidents and to our surprise, loves the snow!!

Thanks again for everything.

- Lee

Hi Erin,

Thanks so much for all the information.  I wanted to send some pics to you, Franklin has settled in really well.  He has a GREAT appetite and loves to run around especially after his big brother.  He and Wilson play constantly and when Franklin is in his crate sleeping it seems as if Wilson is just waiting for him to wake up, he always goes and checks on him while he is sleeping.  Franklin naps well too, I put him down and can get 1 1/2-2 hours of "free" time in the morning and afternoon.  So far the most he he has got up is once during the night which is great, last night he got up at 3:15 and then again at 6:45 so that's been a plus (I am not so tired now).

Thanks again for our Franklin and I will keep you posted on his progress, take care.

- Nancy

Hi Erin, You did great!!!!  Byron is awesome!  He did really great during the long ride to Maine – alternating between the crate and my lap.  The toys in the gift bag were well received, especially the rope on a heart!  When we got back he was very ready to play and we had lots of fun.  He is sleeping now and throughout dinner as well.  My sister is quite impressed.  So thanks for all you, Dixie and the rest have done in raising another fabulous dog and companion.  More again soon.

- Elisa