Puppy Health and Nutrition

A Healthy Pup is a Happy Pup!


Apart from sound genetics, nothing is more important for the quality and longevity of your cockapoo's life than their health and nutrition. Excellent food sources, superior supplements, filtered water, and exercise are usually what people think of when they hear the words "health" and "nutrition." And to be sure, they are primary; but it doesn't stop there. Grooming and dental care are vital to your cockapoo's health and nutrition, too. Though I could write pages on each of these topics, I will hit each briefly below.


The more I read, the more I came to believe a dog's diet is so key to their health that it would probably be best to keep it as close to its natural "state" as possible - just like our diet.

I suppose I cheat just a little bit because instead of feeding them everything in its absolutely raw (wet) state, the majority of what I feed them is a raw freeze-dried or dehydrated food that is reconstituted with liquid. The dehydration process is done very gently to retain its color, freshness, and nutritional potency. It is also easy to travel with because it requires no refrigeration (until you re-hydrate it).


Dental Care

Briefly stated, if your cockapoo's mouth isn't healthy, their body can't be healthy. Plaque-covered teeth and inflamed gums are a recipe for "poisoning" your cockapoo's vital organs. You must keep your cockapoo's teeth and gums clean and healthy! Brushing them regularly helps, and so does providing them with good chew toys and chew treats. Dried green tripe treats are like flossing and brushing wrapped in a healthy treat your Cockapoo will love! Avoid Rawhide; instead, choose natural tendon chews, etc.…Rawhide is often "cured" with formaldehyde and colored with chemicals. Merrick makes some wonderful natural chew treats: flossies, bully sticks, etc…whose source is the USA….another thing that is key! Get online, search, buy USA source products, and check the ingredients to ensure there is NO GRAIN in the treats you give your Cockapoo.

Though we were told for years that dry dog food and grain-filled biscuits were good for our dog's teeth, the truth is quite the opposite: dry dog food sticks to dog's teeth longer than wet food does (think of what happens to your teeth when you eat pretzels or graham crackers). And food that is filled with the grain is not healthy for your Cockapoo.

Corn, wheat, soy, gluten, corn starch, potato starch….all terrible for your Cockapoo and used as a cheap filler in their food that may actually be causing the allergies.

If you are going to feed your Cockapoo grain, make it be a grain that doesn't act like any other grain: give them organic quinoa (keen-wa). It is gluten-free, filled with healthy fiber, packed with protein, every amino acid food can have, is heart-healthy, full of iron, and is very easily digested. And yes: it is delicious, and dogs love its flavor.